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#100in168 Day Seven

January 24, 2017

This is my last post for #100in168 and you'l be glad to know I made it! I did 1oo spots in 168 hours, less than that actually. So let's talk about the last twenty spots and then you can get on with your life again, and so can I!


Spot 81: The Wooly Daily


Another coffee shop, who would've thought. This one was in the old Woolworth building that once stood as the tallest building in the world. The floor gets and A+ and the coffee and cookie gets an A++. The staff was also very friendly and chattery a first I've encountered here!



Spot 82: Tiny's and Bar Upstairs


A cool little hole in the wall place where you can enjoy coffee and sit next to a fireplace, also, the meatballs were pretty delicious. 



Spot 83: Hook & Ladder 8 Ghostbuster Firehouse


I walked around the block like three times before I realized I was walking right past the building. It is currently under construction so there was scaffolding all along the building, but the sidewalk was painted, so that's cool right?



Spot 84: Chinatown's Bloody Angle 


Even after driving around the entire island of Iceland, I wouldn't want to drive through Chinatown, or this angled road.



Spot 85: Taiyaki


Japanese ice cream served to you in a cone shaped like a fish. It was about thirty-five degrees and windy so I was not about to eat something freezing when I already was. 



Spot 86: Audrey Hepburn Mural


I've been wanting to do a proper Breakfast at Tiffanys but with it being next to the Trump Tower, those dreams have been on hold, so this works too right?



Spot 87: Two Hands Cafe


Two Hands Cafe, but I only used one to hold onto my cup. 



Spot 88: Cafe Henrie


This coffee shop was the first time I really felt at home in the city. Full of great artwork and great coffee.



Spot 89: Spring St.


There was supposed to be a John Lennon mural here, but this was here instead. Not too sad about it. 



Spot 90: Macbar


I am a sucker for mac and cheese, so when I saw a place that served it in a plastic giant elbow noodle I had to go. It was good. Now for my quick angry rant, they said it would take fifteen minutes for it be prepared fresh and when I got it there was a slab of still frozen tomatoes on top, yup, 'fresh". 



Spot 91: Black Tap 


This place went viral for their giant milkshake so I had to try one for myself. I got the cookie shake and oh my. It came with a cookie coated outside, an ice cream sandwich in the shake and another cookie on top with whipped cream. Holy cow, its a good thing I walked so much yesterday. 



Spot 92: Life Underground Sculptures 


I came across these my first week here and wanted to know more about them. Did some research and had to check them out again, they're all over a few stations in Manhattan.



Spot 93: Flatiron Building


What a weird architecture for a building. I'd hate to get stuck in on of the end rooms. Actually I take that back, that'd be pretty sweet.



Spot 94: Broadway


And in a few weeks I'll get to see my first show ON Broadway. 



Spot 95: Fifth Ave


I just waited to see Rachael Green walk around the corner. So many beautiful shops. 



Spot 96: St. Patricks Cathedral


Oh my wow, what a beautiful church inside and out. A fantastic old building in the middle of all of these new high rises. 



Spot 97: Museum of Modern Art


Be still my heart, wonderful exhibits and wonderful people. If I could spend one hour there everyday I would be happy forever. 



Spot 98: The MET


We got there right as it was about to close, but that was enough for me to fall in love, you bet I'll be spending a whole day there later this week. 



Spot 99: Bridge at Tudor City


Once a year the sun lines up with the grid of the city and is centered perfectly down this road, but last night the city lights were just a beautiful to me. 



Spot 100: Pomme Frites


And here we are, spot 100. I didn't know if I could make it but I did. Pomme Frites is a fry place where you can pick and choose sauces to put on your fries. It was a dream come true and a great last stop. 




Well, after walking 83.83 miles, most of which in the rain I can say it was a success. Would I do it again? Definitely when it is warmer, middle of winter? Maybe not, but I am glad I did. I hope you all enjoyed seeing these places through my lens and have found at least a couple spots you might want to check out for yourself. 




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