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#100in168 Day Six

January 23, 2017

Alright, so technically there are two spots from day five. I only did two on day five because of the women's march. So, this is going to be a long one, you ready? Cool. 


Stop 61: Russ & Daughters


In the spirit of honesty, I didn't go in. It was packed with people in pink hats and I was not about to fight another crowd after that march.



Stop 62: Kat'z Deli


Ya, same thing here. After seeing two spots packed full of hungry protesters I decided to ditch Manhattan and go home to Crown Heights. 



Stop 63: Iris Cafe


Okay now we're on today's adventure. My first stop was Iris Deli Store #9. I got coffee and french toast. Let me tell you, it wasn't busy and it was delicious, a must go to again for sure. Plus they played Jefferson Starship so, winner winner. 



Stop 64: Pier 6


A block away from my brunch spot was this adorable section of the Brooklyn Bridge Park. There were dogs prancing around and there was even a sand volleyball court. 



Stop 65: Tom Fruin's water tower 


This one was very frustrating for me. All of the sidewalks around this building were blocked off, but I stumped upon a different view of it while I was lost finding my way to the next spot, so for once getting lost was a benefit. 



Stop 66: Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory 


This one is for you Katie. 



Stop 67: St. Anne's Warehouse


In a little garden section of a warehouse I was mesmerized with framing manhattan and the bridges in different windows in old brick walls. 



Stop 68: Jacques Torres


Again, in the spirit of honesty these chocolates are still in my bag waiting for me to devour them. 



Stop 69: One Girl Cookies


This little cafe is a great place to hang out. I got a mint tea to stay and was there for almost an hour just enjoying the vibe. 



Stop 70: Dumbo Reflector


I was just about to give up on looking for this when I caught it's reflection in a building. I'm glad I found it. It is an interactive piece of art that you can tweet to. 



Stop 71: The Bagel Store


You bet I got the rainbow bagel, and no I haven't gobbled it up yet. Expect selfies to follow. 



Stop 72: The Vale Collective


I thought this was a coffee shop, instead it was a store with a cool sign. 



Stop 73: T Swirl Crepe


A crepe in the shape of a cone, does it get much better than that? I got a spinach and mushroom crepe and it was savory. 



Stop 74: Tony's Estate


Tony's Estate? More like Meredith's Escape (from the rain)



Stop 75: Rituals


Ugh, this little store made me wish summer was here already. 





Stop 76: Dun-Well Doughnuts


The whole space was "Dun-Well"



Stop 77: Metropolitan Ave Station


There are so many cool mosaics in this station. I wanted to ignore the fact I had places to be and just stare at these. 




Stop 78: Prospect Park


Walking through here at dusk on a dreary day I felt like I was a Law & Order episode waiting to happen. 



Stop 79: Brooklyn Museum 


I got here too late to go inside, but good thing the exterior is beautiful. 



Stop 78: Outpost Cafe & Bar


And now we get to literally where I am sitting right now enjoying a nice beer to wind down the day. A warm atmosphere in warm lighting gives me a warm feeling. 









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