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#100in168 Day Three

January 20, 2017

Why hello there. Today was absolutely gorgeous. My spirits rose with the temperature today so I was dedicated to make today the best #100in168 yet! Let's get to it!


Stop 31: Washington Square Park


A NYC landmark, so I had to go and check it out myself. To be honest I wasn't too sure where I was headed when I got on the train this morning, so when I got off I planned out my day based off of what was nearest me, and it turned out wonderfully. On a beautiful day like today the park was buzzing with people soaking in the rays around noon. 




Stop 32: New York Earth Room


This spot is a little more unknown. An artist in SoHo filled a room with lofted white ceilings, wall to wall with dirt, actual dirt. You have to buzz into the building and walk up a set of creaky old stairs, turn a corner and you are hit with a wall of the smell of dirt. It was honestly much more beautiful than I anticipated. Such stark contrast between the dirt and the white walls, the city outside and the earthy smell inside. 




Stop 33: Harry's Corner Cafe


This was cool wall, and that's about it. I think this would be cooler if you had someone with you to maybe have a fun vogue shoot in front of. Other than that, meh. 




Stop 34: Popbar


HEADS UP LOTS OF FOOD ON TODAY'S TRIP. The first food spot was Popbar, and I wish I was there right now. A whole counter full of different fruit and other flavored popsicles. The sweet lady behind the counter suggested Peanut Butter dipped in dark chocolate, but I opted for the mixed berry in milk chocolate. I might dream about this very popsicle tonight.


Stop 35: Bisous Ciao


Right around the corner of Popbar is this adorable little cafe where if you buy a coffee you get a macaroon. So, to chase down my cold popsicle I got a hot latte and a lemon macaroon. My, oh my were they both delicious. 





Stop 36: Milk & Cookies Bakery


Three food places in a row might have been a bad idea in hindsight, not to mention my sugar level was at an all time high after the last two stops. Milk & Cookies Bakery was so cool! The staff was so friendly and excited about my project. The cookie too was over the top!





Stop 37: Friends Apartment


Last year I just watched Friends all the way through, and I was in love. Two weeks before I moved to NYC I started watching it again and this time I paid attention to the road signs surrounding the building on the outside shots. So I walked there this afternoon and I wasn't the only person standing on a corner taking photos of a seemingly unimportant building.



Stop 38: Grove Court


About two doors down from the Friends building is this perfect little courtyard that looks so beautiful even in the middle of January. I felt like I stepped back into time and fell in love with it. 



Stop 39: Big Gay Ice Cream Shop


Alright fast forward to current times again. Two blocks away from a children's school there is an actual ice cream shop called the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. Who doesn't love ice cream covered with sprinkles in a cone lined with nutella? A crazy person, thats who. 



Stop 40: Whitney Museum of American Art


Did you think I could go a whole day without going to a museum? Nah, I couldn't do that. Museum+Art=Happy Meredith. White walls, beautiful art and good lighting, these are a few of my favorite things!


Stop 41: The High Line


Just outside of the Whitney there is an elevated trail built along a set of old train tracks. A little piece of nature in the middle of Chelsea. It is filled with art, benches and even chairs that slide along the tracks. Definitely worth walking all the way down and back.


Stop 42: The Chelsea Market


Probably my second favorite spot of the day, behind the Whitney. This marketplace in an old brick building is like a year round farmers market. I cannot begin to describe how at home I felt while walking those halls. 



Stop 43: The Comedy Cellar


If you have ever watched the show Louie, you'll recognize this home of laughs. I tried to get to a show here last weekend but all seven shows each night were sold out, and my puns weren't good enough to get me on stage. By the way? Did you hear about the sausage swiper? No? Well, he's the wurst. Ok, I'm done. 



Stop 44: Saturdays Surf 


This coffee shop is lined with surfboards and has the coolest employees who joke around with you the moment you step into the shop. Plus there is a little courtyard in the back where you can sip your drink and hang ten. 




Stop 45: Crosby Street


For the last stop of the day I took a walk down Crosby St in SoHo. This cobblestone street has charm and charming art. Plus less of a chance of getting run over by angry drivers. 




Alright, that wraps up this 12.5 mile day. Tomorrow is day four and I hope you're ready for more!




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