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#100in168 Day Two

January 19, 2017


Hello again!


Oh me, oh my. Today was such an adventure! I don't remember the last time I walked that much, oh wait, yesterday! Feeling like a new person after picking up my lens from the shop last night, banged it up a little bit in Iceland, I was ready to go this morning. Today was another exciting day of amazing views, so how about we get started! 


Stop 16: Tom's Restaurant 


An OG restaurant on the Upper West Side, this breakfast diner is exactly what you would expect out of a Seinfeld favorite. The cash only, booth style and loud eatery was a great way to start my day. Pies in the fridge, signed photos of famous faces on the wall.



Stop 17: Cooper Hewitt Design Museum


I do have a love for museums so of course this was on the list. Before I went I did some research. There was an interactive room where you could design your own wallpaper, so I made mine in the spirit of the adventure and did #100in168. This place was so extravagant. In a building that has as much history as the stories it tells, I could've spent all day in there. The third floor was dedicated to eco-friendly community design, I was in love. 




Stop 18: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


WHAT, ANOTHER MUSEUM? Sorry, I have a soft spot, plus the architecture is always so interesting. Walk inside the Guggenheim and it's like your in a whirlwind of architecture, white in color, and art. It was my own personal dream come true. Can I just make a room and sleep there please?




Stop 19: William Greenberg Desserts


I'm not one to have a big sweet tooth, but there are quite a few on this list coming up in the next week. This bakery, known for its cake pops, was so ornate. You feel the family vibe as soon as you walk in the door. I, of course, ordered one of the world famous cake pops, vanilla with sprinkles, cause why not? After finishing the delicacy I wanted to immediately drink a gallon of milk and call my Grandma. 




Stop 20: Bethesda Terrace 


Nestled in the middle of Central park, this terrace was one of the more beautiful things I have seen in this city. I felt as if I was in a ballroom as  I gazed up at the intricate ceilings draped with golden light. I guess it didn't help there was also a man playing the cello. 




Stop 21: Bow Bridge


I guess this bridge is neat? No I'm kidding, the wood along the bridge as you walk across it was such a deep beautiful color. I couldn't help but wonder about all of the people who have crossed such a spectacular place. Not that impressed.




Stop 22: The Plaza Hotel


WHERE ARE ANNE HATHAWAY AND KATE HUDSON? (That was a Bride Wars reference) Now I understand why they fought over getting married at this place. 




Stop 23: 6 1/2 Ave


Okay, this one is probably the least interesting on the list, but what dimension did I enter to find this?





Stop 24: Love Statue


The only thing I have to say about this is, how ironic is it this is within a block of the Trump Tower?



Stop 25: Ralph's Coffee Shop


I think this might be one of THE coolest coffee shops I have ever been in. A coffee shop located on the second level of Ralph Lauren on 5th Ave? Don't need to ask me twice if I want to go! I don't even have words. I take it back, this was my personal heaven, sorry Guggenheim. 



Stop 26: Paley Park


I actually stumbled across this park last week and enjoyed a nice panini there, but that is a different story. This place was ten times cooler at dusk. Relaxing and hidden away just off of one of the busiest parts of the city that never sleeps. 




Stop 27: Top of the Rock


NBC is one of the reasons at the top of my list of reason why I entered the broadcast world. Getting to enter Rockefeller Center was like dream come true. Getting to travel to the 56 floor and to the roof, well that was the cherry on top. I stayed here for almost an hour just overlooking this crazy city that I now live in. 



Stop 28: Rockefeller Plaza 


The only thing that could have made this better was joining the skaters, but to be honest on hour seven of being out in the cold I was not about to do so. Nonetheless, very cool and beautiful. Really highlights the Avenue of the Americas. 




Stop 29: Radio City Music Hall


Can I be a Rockette? Just kidding, don't let me. 




Stop 30: Sprinkles Cupcake ATM


An ATM that takes money and gives you cupcakes? Deal! After a long day, 13 miles and two frozen hands, I grabbed a delicious frosting covered cupcake and took a train home.



Hope you have enjoyed Day Two of my adventure, I know I did. 30 down 70 more to go! But honestly, thank you to everyone and your kind words and support on this. It means the world to me. 


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