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#100in168 Day One

January 18, 2017



The first day of this project was such a success! What a great way to begin to explore this gigantic city that I am calling home for a chapter of my life! 


Below I will take you step by step along with me to each of the places I visited today and a quick message on my thoughts of the place, don't worry I'll keep it brief. The pictures are far more entertaining than my words. 



Stop 1: Colina Cuervo 


I'm not going to lie to you, for my first stop I went easy on myself. This quaint little coffee shop and restaurant is about three blocks from my place in Brooklyn. Thoughts: coffee was okay, floor was more than okay!




Stop 2: Brooklyn Bridge Park 


When doing photography it is always important to take shots of the setting so people who view the photographs after have some kind of context. For my second spot I wanted to do just that, get a view of the city I would delve into and holy cow did I find that. 



Stop 3: Manhattan Bridge at DUMBO


DUMBO is a neighborhood in Brooklyn. DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, accurate I know. I heard about this intersection where the bridge lines up perfectly with the street, and I must say I wasn't disappointed. 



Stop 4: Brooklyn Bridge 


I went to Brooklyn Bridge once last week when it was beautiful out. It was crowded and filled with selfie sticks. On a dreary day like today there were moments where I was alone on the bridge and I got to take it in, and it was wonderful. 



Stop 5: South Street Seaport Pier 17


Just under the Brooklyn Bridge theres a seaport that really is worth the stop. There are seagulls, boats, benches and a spectacular view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Plus the walk just across the street is very unique and full of cobblestone. 



Stop 6: Bluestone Lane Coffee


This little coffee shop was honestly the best cup of coffee I've had since being here. Plus the succulents everywhere, the friendly staff and retro vibe made it worthwhile to stay at and warm up a bit. 




Stop 7: Stone Street


Tucked away in Little Italy is this small street filled with taverns, breweries and little coffee shops. Strung across are beautiful little globe lights, with modern architecture hanging in the background.



Stop 8: Battery Park


On the edge of Manhattan is a park where you can hop a ferry to go to Ellis Island. Next to the ferry is a huge spherical sculpture that stood between the Twin Towers during the 9/11 attacks.  Worth the walk through the park, and a nice little escape from the hustle of the closed quarters of the city.



Stop 9: Charging Bull


A little more of an obvious stop here. I'm not going to lie to you, I didn't want to fight tourists posing with the statue so I snapped quick picture between people running up to the giant bull. 



Stop 10: New York Stock Exchange


Don't have much to say about this one other than, this one is for you B. 



Stop 11: Trinity Church


THIS was a particularly interesting spot to see. The church itself is beautiful inside and out. Walk through the cemetery and see some of the oldest graves in the city, including a penny covered Alexander Hamilton's grave. Also, the site of the buried national treasure that Nicholas Cage finds. 




Stop 12: Fulton and Nassau 


I hadn't planned on doing this one on a cloudy day, but in a way I am glad it turned out to be so. The One World Trade Center lines up perfectly in this intersection.



Stop 13: The Oculus


What felt like a transportation hub for the future, not the WTC, this building was both stunning when you look at it from outside as well as when you are inside. Every level brings a different and beautiful view from inside. 



Stop 14: Ground Zero


I visited this place last week and took a trip through the museum. This is on my highly recommended list. I have never spent so much time at a museum before in my life. It was so moving you just can't help but shed a few tears.



Stop 15: Fulton Street


Another hub of subways in NYC, the Fulton Center stop was recently renovated and it is stunning. Lines and light oh my! I was here once before but I didn't look up to notice this, definitely missed out by not. 




OKAY! Wow, even writing about today reminded me of how exhausting it was. But really, I had so much fun exploring today and I can't wait to see so much more tomorrow, until then here is a Kardashian GIF that represents how hungry I was after this adventure. 





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