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#100in168 The Beginning

January 15, 2017

 Yup, that's me, derping around in a field in Iceland. I'm glad you have found your way over to my little nook in the interweb. 


So let me do some explaining for you. I just recently moved to NYC for a semester of college. Before classes start I have some down time, so like all normal millennials, I am resorting to Instagram to give me something to do. 


I've been exploring the city for a week now, but I wanted something more concrete to do, a plan, so I started brainstorming. Where do all of the best brainstorming sessions happen, in the shower, which is where I came up with my plan. 


I am going to visit and do 100 of the most Instagramable things in NYC in one week. Thats 100 things in 168 hours. No pressure.  What better way to discover the city than to do some of the most cliche things? Follow along on my journey 1/17-1/24 by following me on Instagram @meredithkestel, Twitter @merikestel, this website, or with the hashtag #100in168




Also, enjoy daily GIF's of the Kardashians, cause why not? 



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